Corruption Implants

Credit goes to Tauric for this list, which I like for a few reasons:

  • It's an aggro list that can beat wisdom/rage control (sometimes - it helps if they aren't playing detonate)
  • It's cheap: 8 rares and no epics. You can get Coronis from a hero pack and you already have 12 of the 41 non-shrine cards from the starter decks. If you play a few drafts and aim to draft for this deck, you'll be able to build it in no time.
  • It has tons of removal, which most aggro lists find lacking. In that way it's close to an aggro-control deck.
  • More than any other deck in the game, it uses life as a resource.
Coronis Implants.PNG

Let's go through the card choices:


  • Spoiled Aristocrat: Great 1 drop. Does lots of face damage. Combos well with the Assassin's guild for late-game removal. Vulnerable to ping effects.
  • Baseborn Recruit: Not essential - you can replace this with Mind Extortion or anything else of your choice - but I like having 8 one drops in an aggro list.
  • Shawdowstep Assassin: Excellent board control, and with Assassin's Guild it removes anything in the game for 4 mana.
  • Siren of the Deep Sea: Going second, you'll often want to spark into this. Decks without much removal and that are trying to build board presence often struggle with Siren, particularly if you can get an overcharger on her. She's countered by all sorts of things though - particularly, deadly zombies, Frost Elemental, and Steelnor Innkeeper.
  • Faeseyan Mercenary: You're playing this because Dominion doesn't have any good 2 aspect/1 mana 2/2s. It draws a card when being sacrificed to Devious Plot.
  • Slave Gladiator: See above. The curve usually goes 1 dominion/1 mana, to 1 dominion/1 corruption/1 mana. The curve would be better with more reliable Dominion 2 drops, but since you're going this way you play slave gladiator.
  • Bloodseeking Mutant: Excellent tempo play, and a 3/3 body is no joke.
  • Harbinger of Sorrow: The reason to play Corruption. You get 4/6 in stats, spread out across three bodies, for 3 mana. It's excellent. The Enchained Souls let you get good trades, you can use them as Devious Plot sacrifices, and the 2/4 body on Harbinger itself puts it out Adv Zash hero power, fireball, fireblast, or holy radiance range.


  • Soul Flames: This deck is ok with trading life for board control, because if the game goes long you will lose. Soul flames can remove anything in the game.
  • Devious Plot: Usually you want to use this with an enchained soul off Harbinger, or with a Mercenary for the card draw.
  • Overcharger: Allows you to push damage through.
  • Grapping Hook: Good to have one of these, just in case you need to grab a pesky Saluxio off the back line.
  • Assassin's Guild: More removal.