Hermelion Heal

Current Version (Updated May 19th, 2019)

Shrines: 18x Order Shrine; 1x Valley of the Ancients

Shrines: 18x Order Shrine; 1x Valley of the Ancients

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"My priests are beasts" - An Album

This has to be, hands down, my favorite deck to play in this game. It has everything... creatures, spells, artifacts... even a cardback dedicated to it. You can't go wrong.

The main point of this deck is to win by lifegain. Lifegain wins are achieved by getting your own life total to 40 points. However, this deck is totally capable of beating down your opponents and the sweetest victories are those won while doing both in the same turn. 


Here's the list I use; missing are 19 order shrines:

The cardback is a must for hardcore devotees!

The cardback is a must for hardcore devotees!

Win condition:

As the main point in this deck is transcending, we have three ways of achieving this: attack damage from lifebound creatures, healing done through spells (Word of Grace) and Namir's special effect. Through Hermelion's Hero Power, we are able to attack twice in one turn, every three turns which can potentially double our lifegain during those turns. This is where the majority of your lifegain and thus sustain will stem from. The final lifegain is oft done through the use of your Word of Grace cards when you're around 30 life total. Namir's effect is useful for those few extra points of lifegain, I usually recur or play him again around 38 life total.

You can also just out damage your opponent with Namir, Cavalry Field Captain and Gomur. These creatures either buff themselves or others and can be quite devastating to an opponent's life total when combined with Hermelion's ability.



Aggro: Does quite well against most forms of aggro with its ability to heal and destroy many creatures at the same time with the hero ability and removal spells. I would recommend a hand with one angelic temple and one or two forms of spread removal.

Midrange: These matches usually end up being quite even and will last down to the wire. I recommend searching for a hand with word of grace and a temple as you'll need the card draw to keep tempo.

Control: You'll want to look for spellwardens to disrupt their plans. If you get 2 you're most likely going to give them a run for their money.

All in all, I'd say this deck is strong against aggro and good against any other matchup. Its really a jack of all trades deck, master of anti-aggro.


3 Relic Guard: These guys are great for getting out your angelic temples when you have 3 mana and a 2 mana priest, wonderful chump blockers and stall early aggro. You can often bait a hasty player into using a noxious fumes so they can hope to get some damage in. Some lists run 2 because they don't see the value in these things... I disagree.

2 Solemn Prayer: Most people are going to laugh that I'm using this card, but there is no way they've played this deck more than I have. I'm a bit obsessed to be completely honest. The best part is that all three effects are literally built with perfect synergy to this deck. Shielding all your priests is great against spot removal and aoe removal. Remember, Gomur and Namir are both priests. The second effect is like a Cavalry Field Captain (CFC) for all Knights you have on the field, awesome! The third effect is perfect for cheaply recurring Namir or a Sunblessed, or a CFC. This card is the unsung hero of this deck. Don't sleep on it.

4 Word of Grace: Wonderful healing spell with card draw attached. The more order levels you have, the more you heal. Just be sure to do your math right. Nuff Said.

4 Angelic Temple: Early lifegain, works wonders with CFC, hero ability, and Namir. Bread and Butter of this deck. 2 priests bring it out, can be activated with Instill and Prayer.

3 Sunblessed Priest: Early lifegain, will often be a target for removal spells which is great. Remember, they will do anything to keep you from healing.

2 Pacify: Great non-killing removal effect, you can always float 2 mana and bluff or just deal with their threats... as there is no way to "play around" pacify.

2 Holy Radiance: Awesome in dealing with 1 health creatures immediately, slows down aggro. Can be played as a stall card so the opponent loses tempo and clears up the artifact deck quite easily. Watch out for Ray of Righteousness.

2 Arrow Barrage: Deals with lines of small creatures and single 4 health creatures. 

2 Angel Blessed Knights: Nice for ramping out Namir and Gomur; activates Temple. Decent Body, becomes 3/4 3 speed with CFC. 

3 Spell Warden: If you love slowing down and annoying your enemies, this one is great, can be recurred with both spells that do so. Love it!

4 Cavalry Field Captain: Makes any creature faster and stronger, has synergy with Namir, and can be recurred. Also, you can annoy enemy with retreat skill!

2 Ray of Righteousness: Destroys large creatures, deals with annoying spells, a wonderful little toolbox card.

3 Namir of the Blinding Light: The most important champion, he heals, he buffs, he's 2 mana. You can use Herm's power to make him double buff creatures. Gold!

3 Gomur Ironbeard: Your beatstick, healstick, defencestick. He's a versatile stick of a dwarf. Don't mess with the old boy. Can be rushed to early for a nice threat.

2 Instill Life: Great for coming back into the game, activating a late Temple, double CFCing something. Some run three, but since we have prayer we don't have to.


Things to be wary of:

Fireballs, Steelnor Innkeepers, Advanced Zash, Ray of Righteousness, Freeze Effects, Silencer, Cataclysm, Pacify. ARTIFACT REMOVAL :D

Things to enjoy:

Winning! This deck got me to rank 16 this month, its beautiful in both single game tournaments and in conquest as it's at least decent against any deck. 

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