Updated: Enoch Trigon

4/28 update

After testing, I've found the Order version of this deck is stronger - in most matchups - than the Nature version. That means we're cutting the Plants and coming up with a new name. For now, Enoch Trigon will have to do. To build the Order version, replace the Spore Shepherd and Haldiri Rider with 4x CFC. Everything else stays the same. If you like the Nature version better, that's cool too - they both have exceptional win rates.

Most players in the top 10 with his deck use the Wisdom/Order variant.

The Deck

Shrines: 4 Trigon, 14 Corruption, 2 Mausoleum of the Damned

Shrines: 4 Trigon, 14 Corruption, 2 Mausoleum of the Damned

Video Deck Tech

The List

I've built this deck to start in black. You should go up to 3 or 4 mana with one black level before you play Trigon for a Blue/Green level. Like most aggro decks, you aim to win the game as quickly as possible. This one has less burst damage and slower creatures, so you want to maintain board control as much as possible.


Mulligan your starting hand to look for a strong creature curve. Here's what we're running:

  • 4x Zombie Legionnaire: The best aggro corruption 1 drop. It's slow, but a 2/2 body is great for a 1 drop in Spellweaver.
  • 4x Death Cursed Shaman: Works really well with the Enoch hero power and does lots of work against Rage Rush and Dominion/Corruption Implants.
  • 4x Infected Survivor: So dangerous against control, particularly if you get Flesh Sculptors on the field.
  • 3x Abhorrent Ghoul: A 3/3 body for 2 mana, it's a big beat-stick.
  • 4x Insatiable Ghoul: 3/4 does tons of work against other aggro/midrange decks, and the drawback isn't huge, since we aren't running Duke Hartsford or reanimate effects.
  • 4x Timea: An all-star in this list - it gives draw power to a Zombie deck
  • 4x Harbinger of Sorrow: The other must-have 3 mana creature. 4/6 in stats, spread across three bodies, with two of them being 3-speed. Play it the turn before you play Timea if you need to create good Timea targets.
  • 2x Spore Shepherd: Great in some matchups, because it allows you to go wider than the opponent can handle. Shooting sprouts become 4/3's with Enoch's hero power. It's a Divine Offering target in other matchups, particularly mono-C.
  • 2x Haldiri Rider: For pushing damage through. My opponents didn't expect this card (until I posted this deck tech that is).
  • 4x Flesh Sculptor: Hold these until you expect a board clear, or when you want to push damage through. Ideally, play two of them at a time. They give you a ton of sustain against control. The turn before cataclysm - boom, double sculptor and it's good-game.


We've only got 6 spells, all of which can be played on curve

  • 4x Noxious Fumes: Great for trades and for early removal against Rage Rush
  • 2x Haunt: Necessary against Mono-C. Useful in other matchups.


I'm running 20 shrines. You could go with 19. If you do, cut a basic corruption shrine.

  • 14 Basic Corruption
  • 2 Mausoleum of the Damned: these are great with the number of 1-aspect creatures you have. Use it for favorable trades. Ideally, you get 2 activations per game. If not, it's kind of like a Noxious Fumes you can search out with Divine Offering.
  • 4 Trigon of the Pact

Other Options:

  • You could play blue/gold instead of blue/green. Advantages: you get CFC and you can play the spell component of Trigon. Disadvantages: You don't get the swift damage from Haldiri and you can't play Spore Shepherd, which wins some matchups for you by itself.
  • Succubus: It's better than Haldiri, but you have to go up an extra level to make it work. I've played other iterations of this list that run Succubus. I'm not sure whether those are better.
  • Hands from Beyond: It's super-annoying to play against, and if you aren't playing Suffocate you could use one of these.
  • Parallel Evolution: You run enough tokens, and the card is good enough, that it can fit.
  • Suffocate: One or two Suffocates bring more of an aggro-control flavor to the list.
  • Ambush Strike: As a one-of, it can force your opponent to think twice before attacking into you with one mana.

If you want to run the deck in Conquest, it doesn't lose much from being straight Black/Blue. Replace Haldiri and Spore Shepherd with Succubus or Midnight Cravings.

Game Plan, Tips, & Strategy

  1. Play a bunch of creatures on curve
  2. Seek favorable trades using Mausoleum and Fumes
  3. Haunt Harpy, another Haunt, Tombs, or other Spore Shepherds.
  4. At your 5 mana/2 aspect turn, look to play a 3 mana creature and hero power (this won't always be correct - but often it will be)
  5. Hold your Flesh Sculptors until you anticipate your opponent plans a board clear, or when you want to maximize pressure.


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