Wisdom-Corruption Control-Reanimator

Bezarok is one of the best creatures in the game to Reanimate. Unlike Mono-Corruption Control, this deck can hardcast in a reasonable amount of time through the power of New Horizons. There are better decks on the ladder that you can play New Horizons in, but for Conquest, these cards pair well with the Mono-Corruption gameplan while making your gameplay significantly faster.



Shrines: 9 Wisdom Shrines, 6 Corruption Shrines, 2 Sanctum of the Void, 2 Pandemonium of Darkness

The Plan

This deck's gameplan is to hold off an aggressive opponent with Deathcurse Shaman, removal, and eventually Harpy. If the opponent kills your Harpy and they still have good level-1 creatures to eat with it, you can reanimate Harpy and continue to destroy their creatures. Using your removal spells and lifegain with Succubus, eventually you out-resource them and can win with hardcasted Bezaroks and your 10 cards that grow in power as the game goes on. In some games you will get an Airship or Catacomb Keeper to discard Bezarok to the graveyard and Reanimate him early.

The Cards


  • Deathcurse Shaman: One of the most annoying road blocks in the game, Deathcurse serves as an early defense, but it can put in work later in the game as well. This shaman can deal the last few points of life loss to the opponent and can be combined with Suffocate to finish off a key creature.
  • Catacomb Keeper: This creature gets better as you gain Corruption levels, with each allowing you to draw an additional card. While in most cases discard is a downside, you can use this ability to get a Bezarok into your graveyard early. However, you will lose 3 life in the process, and against aggressive decks the lifeloss may not be worth it. This is especially true if the opponent has Innkeeper. Consider Keeper when using Reanimate in the late game to draw if you're low on cards.
  • Airship Explorer: The ideal draw-discarder at the 3-mana 2-level slot. You can wait to use Airship's discard ability at the end of your opponent's turn. It can create a bit of a guessing game against Innkeeper concerning whether you have the Bezarok or not, potentially forcing it to stupify the Airship instead of an in-hand Harpy. This card is a great blocker and a useful buff target of Consume Spirit. Watch out for cards like Dragonfire as the Artifact subtype is definitely a weakness in this deck rather than a strength.
  • Bloodwitch Harpy: One of the best aggro-hoser cards in the game, this card tears up a lot of boards. You can utilize Word of Pain and/or Suffocate to get to the better sacrifices for the Harpy trigger. Do note that your own Deathcurse Shaman and Catacomb Keeper will be sacrificed to this as well, but you can reanimate either of them with your Hero Power; Keeper  can net you quite a bit of draw when you've gotten to 3+ Corruption levels.
  • Djinn of Wishes: It draws cards, and it blocks well too. A Catacomb Keeper is fine but not great when played at the 3-mana 3-level slot; Djinn is a better play. Aggro decks have a difficult time dealing with this card outside Devious Plot and Parallel Evolution. Remember that Pandemonium is also a spell for its digging ability.
  • Succubus: Solid creature as it lets you start putting pressure on the opponent's lifetotal if you haven't done so while increasing your own. A 3/3 Flying body is nice too. When choosing a Reanimate target, don't pass over this one automatically as it's better than Bezarok in some situations.
  • Bezarok, Abyss Gatekeeper: The big guy himself. With the presence of many summoned creatures, this has gotten weaker, though your Harpies and Word of Pains can still make this guy be a "sac two level-2 creatures," which is extremely powerful. When choosing which mode to go for, think about if the opponent can remove it without killing it. If so, the sacrifice mode is generally going to be better. Also, be wary of opposing Adv. Nefaros looking to Reanimate your Bezarok with his hero power. Sometimes you can't prevent it, but sometimes you can leave some blockers and make the kill impossible.


  • New Horizons: One of the most infamous cards in Spellweaver, New Horizons accelerates your gameplan by letting you go up levels early. Many times you'll want to spark it out if you're going second as you don't have any other level-1 Wisdom cards. This is a reason to add Voidtouched over Deathcurse Shaman as you can curve much better with it. Do note that if you have Catacomb Keeper in hand, you can go above 3 Corruption levels with this and be even on cards.
  • Noxious Fumes: One of the best removal spells in the game against aggro. Kills any 1-drop. Use it later game in conjunction with other removal spells to get more kills.
  • Word of Pain: An amazing card against the 'go-wide' decks, this can easily be a 3-for-1. This card gets more powerful as the game goes on, but don't be afraid to use it earlier. As the game goes on, you should be containing your opponent's board more and more. This makes it more likely that you won't have the full number of targets.
  • Consume Spirit: The last in the cheap Corruption trifecta, this card is probably the weakest against aggro as you can have trouble taking advantage of both parts of the card. However, it is still a solid 0/-X effect and is inexpensive given its ability to grow throughout the game.
  • Haunt: More of a concession against Mono-C more than anything as you usually want to slap this on a Harpy, Tombs, or an opposing Haunt. This can also be good to temporarily stop attacks from more aggressive decks, but you're usually better off killing the creature if possible.
  • Reanimate: The partial namesake of the deck, this can get a bigger creature out for cheaper or get back a Harpy that your opponent just killed. Late-game, you're looking to use this on Bezarok for the sacrifice effect, Succubus to drain, or Djinn/Catacomb to draw.
  • Tombs of the Damned: It might seem weird to only have 1, but Tombs is fairly weak against aggro and putting Wisdom in the deck makes it less likely of a 2-level 3-mana curve autoplay. Still, it's quite the value card against other slower decks and deals with Deathtraps extremely well.
  • Suffocate: A conditional boardwipe, but one that you can combine with other effects to get the full wipe.


Nonbasic Shrines

Sanctum of the Void: One of the best Shrines in the game, Sanctum makes your removal suite even better by working together with Harpy and the rest of the cards to pick off big Creatures. You can run 3 if you think you'll need it often and you won't be facing as many 'go-wide' decks, though I would consider dropping a Pandemonium then. Make sure to get rid of any extras with New Horizons.

Pandemonium of Darkness: Another drain effect that your deck has as well as a hit off Djinn. I wouldn't run more than 2 as they don't draw.


It's built to beat aggro in Conquest, so it's generally favored against it. High HP lower speed cards cards like Elite Vanguard can be difficult for the deck to beat, and always, if they get in with Timea Emblems, these larger health creatures can snowball out of your control. Also, Harbinger of Sorrow gives a lot of extra bodies for Harpy to fight through. Otherwise, this deck is weaker against other New Horizons decks and anti-Control decks like Shamans, though Haunt can do work against those sorts of decks.


Other Options

Voidtouched Subordinate can be switched in for Deathcurse, which is generally better against non-Fireball decks. It also makes playing a copy or 2 of Parallel Evolution viable. Mezmerizing Spirit, Ancient Wisdom, 1 more Haunt, and 1 more Tombs are also viable additions. Potential cards to cut include 1 Bezarok, 1 Consume, 1 Haunt, and/or 1 Succubus.


As I think this is strongest in an anti-aggro Conquest list, running this with a non-W/R Fireblast deck (aka Adv Zash) and more midrangey Order deck is a strong lineup. Choices for the Fireblast deck include Rage-Dominion and Rage-Nature while the Order deck can be a Trigon deck such as Polar Bears or Alexa Valor. Healmellion is also a decent choice if you're expecting a heavy amount of aggro and little Mono-C Control.