Rank 1: Drunken Vampires & Ponies

VanguardX here, bringing you a control list Jotto created and brought to Rank 1 on the ladder. We haven't seen an Order/Dominion deck in a while; this version combines board control with lifegain effects to create a deck that wins grindy games and is fun to play. The deck revolves around a few key synergies:

  • The engine of Chalice of Yunx, Cloning Vat, and Stronghold Metropolis - which generates card advantage and lifegain
  • Board presence and lifegain threatened by a big Pegasus Regiment backed by Vampirism and Chalice.
  • Vampires - Prinha and Bloodseeking Mutant - backed by Vampirism
  • Removal via Assassin's Guild & Shadowstep Assassin/Prinha

The Deck

Shrines: 5 Order, 2 Assassin's Guild, 2 Stronghold Metropolis, 10 Dominion

The Cards

  • Mind Extort: Use it to target New Horizons and Tombs
  • Power Surge: Standard Dominion ramp
  • Word of Power: A card which has the reputation of being trash, but can be very strong when used in the right circumstances. If you ramp, make sure you can use the extra mana more effectively than your opponent.
  • Shadowstep Assassin: Combined with the Assassin's Guild shrine, it can remove any unshielded creature in the game. Assassin's Guild goes through Silencer too.
  • Cloning Vat: Lots of value in long games, and creates a draw/health engine. It's one part of the Chalice/Vat/Stronghold Metropolis combo.
  • Prinha: Removal in the early game and a threat your opponent needs to handle in the late game.
  • Chalice of Yunx: In a long enough game, Chalice can generate infinite life. It's usually too slow to win via lifegain against aggro, but midrange and control decks need to kill you before you can chalice to 40 life.
  • Vampirism: Gives you another route to threaten victory via lifegain. Works well with the vampires in your deck.
  • Helm: Deadly against creatures like Phoenix.
  • Cataclysm: It's a Dominion control deck. You're running Cataclysm.
  • Pegasus Regiment: The star of the lategame. Gives you tons of value once you have Chalice up. You can also use it to break Silencer.
  • Exorcism: Card advantage and some removal against aggro.
  • Ray of Righteousness: Removal.

Other cards to consider:

  • Vampiric Ashes can help against aggro
  • Reincarnation Spirit melts through Silencers

The Gameplan

You need to practice and be flexible. You want the game to go long, and you've got a toolbox to fall back on. Any individual mistake shouldn't be a big deal, but longer games mean mistakes can accumulate, and this deck is not easy to pilot.

Most of the time you're aiming to ramp in the early game while doing enough to stay alive. Then, you want to bring your key value engines online: Chalice/Vats/Stronghold, Pegasus with Vats and Vampirism. As the game goes longer, you'll use your available mana better than your opponent will. Use Adv Despina's hero power to search for cards that can answer your opponent's threats.

The deck struggles against pure aggro, Shamans (it has no artifact removal), Mono-C (depending on the version), and sometimes One-Turn Heal and Snakes. It is favored against many other control decks (Wisdom/Dominion and Wisdom/Rage in particular) and should dominate midrange decks like Polar Bears and Alexa Valor.