Rank 1: Sacrifice Aggro

Hello, this is JeniecSzuji, Team Hyperion member, and today I will show you an article about my favorite deck – Sac Aggro.


I think that is not an exaggeration if I say that I'm kind of father of this strategy. However, in this case, not the only one. The second father is wh1sp. In the past, he created his version on basic Nefaros. When I lost few times against him I came to the conclusion that it really works. Then I decided to create my own Sac Aggro, which we can call the core of what I show you today. Of course, the idea of a black-purple deck based on sacrificing creatures existed before, and some versions could be a little bit similar to mine, but that is a detail. Ok?

The deck became more popular when I won a silver ticket with it. The Fuzz watched my games and then he made a movie about this strategy. Soon after, I took part in my first Masters Final. Later we could see my deck in Lorenthiel’s meta report. The deck went through a renaissance twice: first, when Faessayan Mercenary was redesigned and I proved the power of the new version at Masters #12 and won the championship; and second with Harbinger (nothing more, nothing less).


This is an aggro deck. We get rid of our cards very quickly but we can also keep playing because of Stronghold Metropolis, which provides card draw and has synergy with many of our creatures. The game plan looks like this: rush – make some zombies by Flesh Sculptor – win the game by numbers.


Enoch the Steel Horror – his hero skill is perfect because of a horde of zombies on the board.

Creatures (34):

  • 4x Zombie Legionnaire – Early aggression. The best aggro corruption 1 drop.

  • 1x Plague Vermin – Sculptor’s pet.

  • 3x Infected Survivor – An useful death wish. 3 speed is useful too.

  • 4x Death-Curse Shaman – Great thing to sacrifice.

  • 1x Abhorrent Ghoul – Early big body.

  • 2x Swamp God Emissary – Into Deth-Curse Shaman or Infected Survivor.

  • 3x Insatiable Ghoul – Big body. Deals with a lot of creatures.

  • 3x Slave Gladiator – Part of a rush.

  • 4x Faessayan Mercenary – Second great thing to sacrifice.

  • 4x Flesh Sculptor – Core of the deck. Make sure if you got good value while playing it.

  • 2x Undead Necromancer – Lots of summoned zombies? GO FACE!

  • 3x Harbinger of Sorrow – OP shit. Three bodies from one card.

Spells (5):

  • 4x Devious Plot – Deals with big or annoying creatures.

  • 1x Overwhelming Forces – Increases our advantage or gets out of trouble.

Artifacts (2):

  • 2x Cloning Vat – Creature engine.


  • 2x Stronghold Metropolis – Core of the deck. Best targets: Death Curse Shaman, cloned stuff, Infected Survivor and cheap one drops.

  • 1x Mausoleum of the Damned - To deal with creatures.

  • 10x Corruption Shrine

  • 6x – Dominion Shrine

Sideboard (more or less)

Haunted Cemetery; Noxious Fumes; Hands from Beyond; Herald of Despair; Mesmerizing Spirit; Spoils of War; Midnight Cravings; Reanimate; Underworld Scourge; Cathedral of the Night; Soul Flames; Assassinate; Siren of the Deep Sea; Bloodwell Elite; Temptress of Deceit; Bloodseeking Mutant; Raging Minotaur; Vampirism; Otriska, Province Overseer.

Video deck tech


Difficulty lvl: 3/5

From my experience, I don’t recommend playing while raging/tilting. There is rage rush for this.

Best matchups: Snakes, W/R Adv Zash, most of the control decks.

Worst matchups: I’m not sure. I don't think any exist - and if they do you don’t have to know that, huh?


Pls, don’t ban my Enoch on Masters. Like always. Newbs.