Purple Demons

Purple Demons Spellweaver Deck

You Should Play Purple Demons If...

  • You're a risk-taker
  • You love steamrolling your opponent in the first few turns
  • You don't mind losing to a bad draw every now and then

The Game plan

You're going to build an oppressive board full of creatures to overwhelm your opponent.

The Cards

Dark Portal, the soul of the deck, provides card draw and mana ramp. Each turn you have a Dark Portal on the field, you'll draw an extra card of your choice. You need at least one in your starting hand.


Nightbringer: You play it for free off Dark Portal, allowing you to grow your board quickly. Sadly, Nightbringer's decay power doesn't pack the same punch without Aezerhis, but that's the price you pay for such a strong early game.

Sometimes you'll pump your Infernal Vulture so big that it becomes a beat-stick and wins you the game. Most of the time, you'll use it to cycle Demons back into your deck. Rarely, you can win a game by cycling Vultures to mill out your opponent.

You want at least one Bedeviled Fiend, because you're going big with this deck, and Bedeviled is a big baddy.

Underworld Scourge brings versatility. Use it to destroy your own portal or to kill a key enemy creature.

Succubus provides a net 6 life swing every time you play it. The ability to search for Succubus with Portal allows you to close out games.

Other Creatures

If you get a starting hand with Zombie Legionnaire into Dark Portal, chances are you've won the game. Very few decks can deal with the board presence you'll build.

Spoiled Aristocrat allows you to start the game with a Dominion level if you don't draw a hand with Dark Portal. If you can get one face hit in, it's as good as a Fireball.

Faesaeyan Mercenary and Slave Gladiator give you a backup plan if you start without Dark Portal. Play a bunch of early creatures and swarm the board.

All these cheap creatures combo with Flesh Sculptor, which wins games by making it impossible to clear your board.


You can kill any creature in the game with Devious Plot, and as long as you have your Portal running you'll have plenty of small creatures to pay the activation cost.

Noxious Fumes removes creatures and allows efficient trades.