Blue Soldiers

Zadorec's Blue Soldiers

Shrines: 8 Order, 2 Soldiers' Memorial, 1 Ancient Ruins, 8 Wisdom

Shrines: 8 Order, 2 Soldiers' Memorial, 1 Ancient Ruins, 8 Wisdom

Old Version with Deck Tech

One time, long ago, no one played Soldiers.

I skyped HallYall and said "I think Soldiers might be good." (that's why they call me the Ambassador of Aggro)

HallYall said "Prove it."

So, I created a challenge for myself: get a Soldiers deck into the top 5. It seemed like an absurd idea. Nearly a year ago, I pulled it off.

Since then, Soldiers variants have come to dominate parts of the meta game - but I'll always have a soft spot for the first soldiers deck to crack Top 5, Blue Soldiers.

Blue Soldiers

This list isn't perfect. There are plenty of variants, some which run trigon for Holy Radiance, some which don't run Saluxio. Overall, though, this is a good framework. If you want other versions, look at the lists from Masters 20.

I won't go through each card, since it's a Soldiers deck and it's fairly self-explanatory. Blue Soldiers plays more of a midrange or aggro-control style than Red Soldiers. It can't push through as much damage, but it can fight for board control more effectively. It will get in under control better than Alexa Valor will, but it won't be as good against other midrange.

Here's a deck tech I did a year ago, with a slightly different list.