Elrike Purple

I'll admit: this deck has been out of the meta for quite some time. At one point Elrike Purple posed a tough matchup for the dominant control metadecks and was a tier 1 list as a result. With Wisdom/Dominion less prevalent, and with more ping & freeze effects seeing play, Elrike in general (and Elrike Purple in particular) isn't as strong.

That said, this is a solid list that's waiting for the meta to come back to it. It's worth checking out if you're new and just grabbed an Elrike hero pack (there are only a few rares), if you want to run triple-aggro in Conquest, or if you want to try something new on ladder. New cards and a new influx of players has shaken the meta up, to the extent you can gain ELO with anything solidly constructed (like this list).

The Deck

Shrines: 9 Wisdom, 10 Dominion

Shrines: 9 Wisdom, 10 Dominion

The Cards


  • Spoiled Aristocrat: Great aggro 1 drop. Does 3 damage to the face against slower control decks.
  • Shadowstep Assassin: The only Dominion two-drop worth playing on curve. 3 speed helps with the Elrike illusion, and Deadly helps you control the board.
  • Siren of the Deep: Not an auto-include, but it demands an answer when it's played. Otherwise, following Siren with a Metabolic Overcharger often wins the game.
  • Slave Gladiator: Because Dominion doesn't have many good 2 mana/1 aspect creatures, most of the time you'll go to 1 mana/2 aspects first. When you do, drop as many Slave Gladiators as you have.
  • Faesayan Mercenary: Rounds out the curve if you start 1 mana/2 aspects
  • Bloodwell Elite: Great 3/3 body with 3 speed. Be careful about playing it. Most of the time you'll need 3 mana, or a bad creature on the board.
  • Field Operative: Always draws a card in this deck, and you have lots of draw options.
  • Timea: She does what Timea does. Ideally, this is 3/4 in stats plus draw two cards. Remember when Timea was 3 speed? Those were the days.

Spells and Implants

  • Metabolic Overcharger: The backbone of your deck. It lets you push through damage and control the board. Draw it with Field OP.
  • Grappling Hook: Grab it with a Field OP if you need it to get something off the back line.
  • Sleep: Field OP draws this for you - use it to neutralize a threat near the end of the game
  • Murder Instinct: You can stick it on a 3-speed Elrike illusion and often it will clear 2 enemy threats and return to your hand. Can provide big card advantage. Draw/play it off Field OP.
  • Mind Extort: Gets rid of those pesky New Horizons, Cataclysms, and Fireblasts.
  • Soul Flames: Kills anything in the game.


Look for a good curve - mulligan if you don't have one.

Play creatures according to your curve.

If you can, make a big 3 speed illusion to use to beat face - but it's not necessary.

Try to win the game before your opponent can gain board control.