Updated - What are these Purple Priests? Trash Tier or God Tier?

I initially posted the Purple Priests list on June 3rd after playing it in a bunch of tournaments. Since then:

  • Vidal spectated me, copied the list, and made an imperfect copy of the deck that turned out to be better than my initial version
  • HallYall played Purple Priests in Path to Transcendence; the commentators, The Fuzz and Balduin, called it "trash" and "not very good."
  • Multiple players (me, Vidal, Cruel_TeK) played versions of Purple Priests at above 75% win rates on ladder
  • Cruel_Tek whined that the deck was too good on Discord, while playing it obsessively and beating down new players
  • Many people asked me "what is this magical Purple Priests list."

I'm finally here to share it with you; I was hoping I could keep this one under wraps until after Masters, because it would've been fun to win it with a "trash" deck, but the cat is out of the bag. The Fuzz and Balduin are wrong. This deck is quite good, and it's good because it introduces a new archetype to Spellweaver - the aggro heal deck.

There have always been decks that aim to win via Spellweaver's 40-life win condition, but there's never been a deck that can do it this quickly. Classic One-Turn Heal is a control deck, wiping the opponent's board and waiting for a turn with multiple reflected Words of Grace. The initial version of Priests was more of a mid-range list, capable of winning via heal or beating an opponent down.

Purple Priests is an aggro heal deck. It has one game plan - win by getting to 40 life - and it aims to achieve that win condition as quickly as possible. While most aggro decks aim to convert cards into damage as quickly as possible, Purple Priests aims to convert cards into life gain as quickly as possible.

The Deck

There are a bunch of versions of this. I'm sure what I'm playing isn't exactly the same as what Cruel_TeK and Vidal are playing. Consider this a starting point - you can add your own flavor to it:

12 Order, 7 Dominion

12 Order, 7 Dominion

Most of the card inclusions are self explanatory. Here are a few that aren't in my version that you can consider:

  • Cavalry Field Captain: I played a version with 4x CFC. It's great, particularly in the mirror. Often times, though, I found myself DOing it. CFC can work well with Namir to buff Temples, but since you aren't usually playing to drop your opponent's life, CFC isn't a must-include. If you do include it, consider cutting either the Sentries of Light or the Holy Radiances.
  • Spell Warden: Causes fits for Rage - particularly Rage Rush - but you probably shouldn't lose to Rage Rush anyway.
  • Angel-Blessed Knight: A staple of past Priests decks, it doesn't fit as well here because you aren't running Gomur or Hermelion
  • Gomur: You can run 1 - I usually wouldn't run more than that. You aren't trying to beat folks down. You're trying to heal, quickly.
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