The Apocalypse OTK

For a long time "The Apocalypse" was a meme card - the definition of "win more." Now, with a new set, Ante has developed an Apocalypse deck that just wins, period. Here's my version, tweaked slightly from what he posted in Discord. It's currently #2 and #3 on the ranked ladder.

Shrines: 1 Valley, 9 Wisdom, 8 Rage

Here's the revised list I played in Masters 27:

    3x Djinn of Wishes
    2x Dust Titan
    2x Gnome Power Engineer
    3x Battlescarred Elder
    4x Mescatian Phoenix
    4x Frost Elemental
Spells & Artifacts:
    3x The Apocalypse
    4x Fireball
    4x Fireblast
    4x New Horizons
    2x Symbol of the Flux
    3x Unstable Reactor
    4x Power Discharge
    9x Wisdom Shrine
    8x Rage Shrine
    1x Valley of the Ancients


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