The "Real" Apocalypse OTK

By JeniecSzuji - special thanks to Rinriet for help testing & tuning this list.

We've already posted a previous version of The Apocalypse, but that deck used creatures and wasn't always a true OTK. This version builds upon the old One Turn Heal shell to achieve a true one-turn kill threat. It starts in double-wisdom, using Snowstorm, Electrostatic Storm, and some creative Unstable Reactor explosions to control the board. It's also the first competitive deck to play Disarm and Mastery of the Ancients. Once Mastery is down, the list can ramp absurd amounts of damage; with Symbol of Flux in hand, you can convert one mana into one energy on The Apocalypse, which means every mana is worth two damage to your opponent's health or their board.

This isn't an easy deck to play, and it can be overwhelmed but lists that manage to build a board and maintain pressure - but it sure is fun.

Sideboard options:

  • Dragonfire
  • The Test of Time (+ Trigon of the Pact)
  • Distant Expedition
  • Word of Knowledge
  • Marked by the Gods
  • Johrail's Silencer