Path to Transcendence Midrange

Current Version

Shrines: 9x Order Shrine; 6x Wisdom Shrine; 1x Valley of the Ancients


Elrike the Twin Blade

4x Sentry of light

4x Steelnor Innkeeper

1x Symbol of Faith

1x Namir’s Blessing

3x Cavalry Field Captain

4x Path to Transcendence

4x Sunblessed Emissary

2x Kedrigan War Priest

1x Sleep

1x Field Operative

3x Forcemage Protector

3x Timea, Magi Wanderer

4x Wonderbird

3x Saluxio the Awebringer

4x Cleanse

3x Primal Battle

9x Order Shrine

6x Wisdom Shrine

1x Valley of the Ancients