1000 Click OTH

Always in search of new Combos, we, the team Meme Reactor, found an infinite Combo which turns out to be fun but not competitive. Its main problem is the time limit per turn because you will hardly be able to pull it out in 2 minutes, since you have to click fast and very very very often!
This decklist was created by my teammate Dobrycy and contains many unusual cards and interesting small combos.

+ 2 Artic Shelter

+ 2 Artic Shelter

The Combo:

The infinite combo consists of
- 3x Mourning Faerie
- Reincarnation Spirit
- Skatador, Servant of Aamon

If you have Skatador, Servant of Aamon, and 3 Mourning Faeries on the field you can play a Reincarnation Spirit from hand (or later from your graveyard), and sacrifice it with Aamon.
The Mourning Faeries get 1 Energy each and you can play the same Reincarnation Spirit and pay its cost with the Energy you just got.

Although you get a Skatador pumped up with Might Emblems, that alone won´t win you a game.
So we added Twilight Guardian to the list. It gains you 1 HP for every Order Spirit you play till you reach 40 HP and win the game!



Nefaros, Aspiring Necromant: Any Corruption Hero is ok here. This version doesn´t play a Corruption Shrine. Its needed for Ritual of the Gardens.


Reincarnation Spirit: Combo piece

Mourning Faerie: Combo piece

Skatador, Servant of Aamon: Combo Piece

Wall in the North: It helps to survive against any creature decks!


Ancient Wisdom: Card Draw

Angelic Song: Combo with Wall, if both are on the field, the opponent can´t attack at all!

Call of Jalaya: You can search for the Mourning Faeries in the deck.

Distant Expedition: It helps you to draw your Combo pieces. Remember that you don’t have to pick Reincarnation Spirit from it, because you can play it from your graveyard.

Lifeforce Essence: Use it mainly to transform it into a Wall in the North, if it gets destroyed

Ritual of the Gardens: A card you won´t see in any competitive deck. But here it´s necessary to play Skatador, because we don’t play any Evil Shrines

Solemn Prayer: It let´s you bring back all your 2 mana creatures from the graveyard. So it helps to bring back Wall on the battlefield or milled Faeries or Skatador

Twilight Guardian: Combo Piece


Arctic Shelter: Put a Mourning Faerie a turn before you start the Combo under it. 2 copies are in the deck (not shown in the picture).

Militant Citadel: It saves 1 Mana to start the combo.

Game Plan:

You want to get all good Levels, so you have OWN levels, 2 combined with Trigon

Stall Stall Stall, Draw Draw Draw, Do the Combo.

Pay attention in which order you play the cards. Skatador must be played always after you have all Mourning Faeries on the field, otherwise they will die.


Alternative Card Choices:

If you need more cards, it´s harder to pull out the combo.

Primal Battle + Symbol of Faith:

Make Aamon Lifebound. Primal Battle will gain you HP for all the ATK the creature has.

Underground Maze: Turn your Wisdom Level into Corruption and play creatures like:

Shrieking Banhsee: Piece of an old OTH-deck, Banshee Combo (RIP). Saves time to do the OTH

Enoch the Steele Horror: If you add Banshee and Underground Maze, this would be the hero of your choice due to his Hero Power.


All in all it´s far away from being competitive but because some unusual cards in the deck and many small combos it´s really fun to play. It can beat the AI constantly, if you play it correctly. The turn timer is not limited in AI games, so you are able to do the 1000 clicks! Or can you do it faster?

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