Masters 37 Decklists

Ivko has posted the Masters lists on the official site.

“Congrats to WildbladeSoV for winning this Masters and becoming the new Spellweaver champion!

It looks like the metagame has settled a bit, and we have three dominant decks that can be crowned as “the best decks for Conquest”. There is still some variety, but it looks like Dominion Ramp, Reanimator decks, and Ka’ainu Tren decks are everywhere. The good thing is, all there of those offer considerable options for customization and you can see wildly different lists.

I’d like to make a special shoutout for the “Three-Color Charles” deck, and also long live Burkh – our saviour – whom I never thought I would see in three different Masters decks!”

Decks Roundup

9x Dominion Ramp
6x Reanimator
5x Ka’ainu Tren
3x Rage Rush
3x Corruption-Rage Burning Rage
2x Wisdom-Rage Aggro
2x One-Turn Heal
1x Zombies
1x Three-Color Charles
1x Shamans
1x Rage-Wisdom Control
1x Mill Reanimator
1x Ka’ainu Tren Heal
1x Ka’ainu Priests
1x Green Soldiers
1x Grand Reunion
1x Enoch Sticky Aggro
1x Dragon Burning Rage
1x Dominion Ramp Heal
1x Corruption Control
1x Burkh Burning Rage
1x Artifacts

Full Deck Lists

Check out the full deck lists here.

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