Modifying Your First Deck

Spellweaver has a very generous free-to-play model, and the cards you earn at the beggining of the game are easily enough to build a competitive deck.

Here's the first deck you get. It features Alexa, my favorite hero in the game.

Starter Deck 1.PNG

Hopefully you completed some of the tutorial tasks. If you didn't get them all that's ok - you'll get them soon.

The initial deck is solid, but it lacks identity. It's got a whole bunch of creatures, and they don't all work well together. We'll fix that.

We're going to create an aggressive soldiers deck. Alexa is great as an aggressive hero, because she can create an extra creature every other turn, and soldiers have some of the best tribal synergies in the game.

Here are the first changes we'll make:

  1. Remove all the Relic Guards. These aren't great in an aggressive deck.
  2. Cut down on the shrines. We want 19 shrines total: 17 order shrines, and 2 soldiers memorials.
  3. Add in all the Cavalry Field Captains, Knight Escorts, and Guards Guards! you earned from the tutorial.

Now, you should have a deck that looks something like this. With fewer shrines and more aggressive creatures, you're well on your way to building something competitive.

Starter Deck 2.PNG

You'll have some quests at this point. Go beat Nefaros to get the basic corruption deck. If you like Zombies and want to play Corruption, stay tuned for a post on how to tune that deck.

After you beat Nefaros, you'll probably have some new cards and packs. Open those up, and if you get some good Order creatures, put them in your deck in the place of Angelic Song or Pacify.

Next, go get the Rage starter deck.

Rage combos well with Order, because it also has some aggressive cards. In particular, we want the 4 fireballs in the Rage deck. After you get the Rage starter deck, you can modify your Alexa deck to look something like this.


Starter Deck 3.PNG

At this point you're about a half hour into playing the game, and you're already 70% of the way towards building one of the best decks in the game. From here on out you can complete quests, open packs, and aim to build Red Soldiers.