Improving the Basic Rage List

Ok, so you've got the starter Rage deck, and you don't want to use it to make Red Soldiers. What do you do to make it better? Let me walk you through my thought process. Here's the deck:

Rage Starter Deck.PNG

On the plus side, this deck does a good job of showcasing Rage flavor. But, like most of the starter decks, it's not focused and it has a few weak cards. We can make it better, quickly.

Pick an end goal: aggro, midrange, or control

Take a look at the hero - Zash. He prevents an enemy from blocking. That's an aggro hero for sure, and our first clue that we should turn this into an aggressive deck (the other two rage heroes have much more of a control feel). Looking at the initial list, we've also got a whole bunch of cheap goblins, and a great burn spell, Fireball. Let's make this an aggro deck. Our plan will be to deal damage as quickly as possible.

Decide on your aspects

We have two aspect-related questions to answer.

  1. Do we stick with rage, or play two colors? For the purposes of this build, I'll stick with rage, since most aggro-rage decks are mono-colored.
  2. How many aspects? Most aggro decks only go two aspects. We've got a few three-aspect cards. At first we'll keep them, but as the deck gets better, we'll drop it down to two aspects.

Cards to acquire

First, we're looking to improve our curve. That means:

  1. We need more one drops, and we don't have the best one-drop in Rage: Lizard Barbarian (uncommon). Get four of them.
  2. Better two drops. Ancestor's Guide is pretty weak. It would be better to replace it with Tortured Orc (common).
  3. More three drops. We want about 8 (total) of the following cards: Gibo and Roni, Flamerune Warrior, and Rahki Beserker. They're all commons, and so far we have four of them (half as many as we want).
  4. Some Flame Serpents. Great at pushing damage through - it's a rare, and we want four of them.
  5. Word of Fire and Fireblast. We need a bit of removal to push damage through. These are both rares, and however many we can get, let's put them in the deck. We already have one Word of Fire, so we're off to a good start.
  6. Finally, one more Massive Assault and one more Firebrand Goblin would be nice.

    How do we get the cards?

    Plan A: enter drafts. They provide great value, and you can pick the cards you want.

    Plan B: open packs. Many of the cards we're looking for are commons and uncommons.

    Plan C: craft. You should only craft rares - never craft commons or uncommons.

    Cards to replace

    1. We only need 19 shrines, so the first cuts are easy: as you acquire cards, get rid of 4 of the shrines.
    2. Disciple of Zash isn't good. Cut it after you've cut the shrines.
    3. Replace the Shaman Firedancers and Hunting Gigantadon's as you get other creatures on the list above.
    4. Finally, once you start getting some Flame Serpents, cut the three-level cards, Dragonfire and Ram'Gahk.

    End Goal

    Aim for something like this:

    Spellweaver Rage Rush