Why Spellweaver is so Great



Spellweaver has been my favorite digital card game for a while and now it's available on mobile. It's by a tiny indie studio called Dream Reactor, who often directly interact with their relatively small community and take suggestions to heart. At its core Spellweaver builds unique mechanics on an MtG foundation with just a dash of Hearthstone. Here are some things about Spellweaver that might make you want to check it out (plus imgur albums with examples):

Generous free to play system

Get on average more than a pack per day just from daily quest rewards. Sometimes you'll get 12 packs. There's no limit to earning rewards and you get gold for games against the AI and games you lose. Even budget decks can take you to the top of the ladder. example images

No RNG shenanigans

Your deck gets shuffled. The rest is up to you. And if your Bezarok dies, the demons you summon aren't random, you choose them from all demons in the game. example images

Daily automated tournaments

Single game, best of three, conquest, draft, casual, competitive: Pick your poison and earn rewards. example imagestournament schedule

Two different limited formats

There are trials (think Hearthstone arena with two colors) and booster drafts (open packs with a bunch of people, pick a card, pass the rest to your neighbor, repeat until you have a deck), which let's you keep all the drafted cards in addition to your tournament rewards. Both are fun and awesome for building a collection. example imagesdraft explanation

Combat with a twist: speed

You declare your attackers, then your opponent blocks. You can also attack creatures directly. Your creature's speed (ranging from 1-4) must be at least as high as that of the creature it's trying to attack or block. Size really isn't everything. example image

Your board = front line + support line

The front line is where the action happens. Creatures on the support line are protected from attacks, but also cannot attack or block, which allows for tactical retreats and a safe spot for creatures with key effects. But beware Grappling Hooks, Tidal Waves and Arrow Barrages that mess up your formation. example images

Fast pace with interaction

Both players can play instant effects during combat, where it counts, or at the end of their opponent's turn to finish stuff off or set up their own turn. No need to wait around for a reaction timer after every. single. card. example images

Deck building freedom in 6 distinct colors

No class restrictions. You can mix and match to your hearts content, as long as you can make your resources work. example images

Resource cards with depth, without frustration

You can search the top 5 cards of your deck for a shrine (resource) card each turn, so getting screwed is very rare. Whenever you play a shrine card (1 per turn), you can either gain a level (threshold; not used up) in its color, or gain a mana crystal (used to pay for cards/effects; refills every turn) and draw a card. As a result curves can differ greatly depending on your deck and strategy. Some shrines can also give you hero skills or double up as spells. Some effects directly scale/unlock with your level (threshold). example images

19 heroes, 19 different hero powers

There are at least 3 heroes for every color with skills ranging from short cooldown, low cost, pretty handy effects, to high cooldown, high cost, high impact effects. And there are even more skills every hero can get access to during a game through special shrines. example images

Get your money's worth

Spending money isn't necessary, but if you do, you get a pack for less than 1€ when buying in bulk. There are also premium packs that, in each rarity slot, will only give your cards you need. example images

Our community is small, but friendly (at least most of the time). If any of this got you interested, you can get the game on pc, steam, android, or iOS.

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