Update 3.17 and 3.18

Changes in version 3.17:

This is a bug-fix release with the following fixes.

- protected the game against the rare "turn skip" bug
- fixed academy quests not spawning and displaying negative time
- fixed a bug that could display the game over screen for a spectated game after it was over
- fixed incorrect English texts for Pandemonium of Darkness level up powers
- playing Valor creatures with Ritual of the Garden no longer wrongly displays a "Your Deck" UI
- Path to Transcendence no longer obstructs the view when Valor creatures return from it
- fixed tooltip hover texts not appearing in some tournament UIs
- fixed a rare blocking bug in the second tutorial
- properly update tournament start times at midnight
- added confirmation when purchasing the 2x Good/Evil Box special offers
- removed the "users in chat" message from Global Chat as it only caused confusion
- removed "lul" from chat censor
- fixed creating accounts from the website


Changes in version 3.18:

We just hot-fixed a new bug causing the game to freeze when you use "pay X" effects, e.g. Despina or Forcewielder in version 3.18. We are investigating the issue with the missing Academy button for some players. Please accept our sincere apologies for the problem!

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