Hyperion is back boys!

Team Hyperion Introduction



We are the Team Hyperion – currently the oldest team in Spellweaver with many Masters Titles along our members (active or inactive). I would like you to present each of our active members, so you will get to know them a bit better!

Our titles:

  • Asperia Invitational – 1st place – Lorenthiel

  • Asperia Invitational – 3rd place – Clone

  • PewQ – 2 Masters Titles

  • Lorenthiel – 2 Masters Titles

  • JeniecSzuji – 1 Masters Title

  • Pawel123k – 1 Masters Title

  • Many more Masters appearances…


PewQ – The most intimidate player I ever knew, playing against him is always a tough challenge. Control lover. With many card games background (Spellweaver, Shadowverse, Hearthstone, Gwent and many more) and obviously two Masters titles he is a very experienced player, and all decisions he takes are optimal – as Vanguard said once – if you want to learn the game, spectate PewQ. He is 3rd in Masters points leaderboard.

Sonneillon – One of the best deckbuilders I ever knew (along with wh1sp) – he made his comeback to Spellweaver after long hiatus, but he came back with style – he qualified for his first Masters and be aware, because if he makes the deck, you need to know that he found broken combo worth making a deck around it!

wh1sp – Also as sonneillon, one of the best deckbuilders in Spellweaver – always kind, always want to help everyone. Due to work, he is not able to play in Masters, but if he can he always does well with his brewed lineup. Father of successes of many players in Hyperion, not to say it he is a true heart of Hyperion, especially when we were mostly in hiatus – he was there.

Sveiks – Is there any expert RDW player he is one of them (besides Cruel). Many times Masters player, he proved to be in a true top of Spellweaver competitive community. Coming back after hiatus, he might reinvent old decks that he had success with, but overall he is comfortable with playing any competitive deck. He is 14th in Masters points leaderboard.

Belarion – Along with sonneillon, Belarion (with Hearthstone and Gwent background) is a new player in Hyperion that loves chicken decks, second player ever that got Golden Ticket.

Balduin – an expert OTH player with MtG background, that qualified for first Masters (that was hella tough!) – he knows all flavours of OTH that are possible to build in Spellweaver. But don’t be fooled, he is playing other archetypes in high level aswell!

JeniecSzuji - Hyperion member since 10.2016 with one Masters title. In the past he was playing legendary Duel of Champions and awhile some others card games. He never thought that he would be a good card gamer but hard grinding makes me who he is today. With his Sacrificial Aggro he is ready to fight for another titles!

Lorenthiel – I am a Hyperion Team leader with two Masters Titles, Asperia Invitational Title, and many top10 finishes on my back. I used to play Duel of Champions (and many more) before Spellweaver, and during the break I was playing Gwent as part of esport team named Sector One. I love decks that are broken, but if I have to name one it has to be Hatebears (Neeva the Revered is my favourite card in the game). I am a stats lover, and I am trying to turn everything into numbers and squeeze value out of it. I prefer tournaments over ladder, so conquest, LHS or strike are like a home for me!

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