Mobile Release!


Spellweaver has finally come to mobile devices! Our favorite online CCG is now available on the Google Play and Apple stores! If you have an account on the Steam and/or PC version, you will be able to login to the mobile version without issue. Here are the new features introduced with the mobile release:

  • Achievements now give rewards... packs, gold, crystals and more!
  • 8 new cards have been released focused on the "tainted" mechanic which causes lifeloss for a positive effect.
  • Global Chat has been implemented!
  • Epic and Heroic cards are guaranteed with a "pity timer" when you open packs.
  • Rare and epic quests are guaranteed on a timer, which you can check in the academy section.
  • Prices for every "real money" purchase reduced by 25%.
  • Each month there will be new cards released in packages of 6-15 which will be able to be purchased in full.
  • More players will be able to face each other as the mobile and PC versions allow for cross-platform play.
  • Devices old as iPad 3, iPhone 5 and Google Nexus 7 will function with the mobile version.
  • A 5" screen is recommended for the best experience. 
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