25th Masters Preview

Here's the Masters Preview, brought to you by Dobrycy.

It’s been over two years since the first Masters tournament. From the humble beginnings as a small indie project, Spellweaver has grown to be a little bigger indie project, and one of the best CCGs ever. As a person who committed 2 years and over 2k hours to this project, I’m very glad that the game develops and prospers. With a mobile release and monthly cards introductions we can expect more diverse and interesting tournaments. Having 4 newcomers this month is a huge success and I hope they’ll bring a bit of fresh attitude untouched by old schemes we developed over the years. Be sure to join our casters The Fuzz and An Album at today’s stream and find out by yourselves, who will triumph this month!


Team Hyperion

  • sonnelion – After making a comeback month ago and winning 24th Masters, he managed to take 1st spot on ladder abusing new cards and making half of newcomers quit. He did it for greater good though, and with many of strongest cards nerfed, players have to think through their strategies again, in which sonnelion is pretty good. Is he going to claim his second title in a row? He is capable of doing it for sure.
  • PewQ – One of the best control players in the game, PewQ is known for his well-thought and almost flawless gameplay. He holds 2 titles so far , and I’m sure he don’t want to stop at that. Can he find enough strength to claim a hat-trick? The winner of „the most drops ever” award plays for victory for sure, and he rather won’t be satisfied by crystals.
  • Sveiks – From the surprisingly warm wastes of the North comes another member of Team Hyperion, who remained rather active during the time of his team disappearance as far as I remember. He has no title so far besides great skill and experience, maybe more sparing partners and people to theorycraft will help him claim it? If he does, Estonia will probably become country with most Master’s Champions per capita.
  • Belarion – I won’t lie, I don’t know much about this player as he seems to be more active during the times I wasn’t around, but he made a comeback recently (comebacks seem to be a Hyperion specialty) and after scoring 3 points last month, I hope to hear more about him in Master’s interview.

The Shrining

  •  Hallyall – leader of The Shrining, also known as StallYall or RopeYall, plays a war of attrition while everyone else is doing Blitzkrieg. Also known for hiring mercenaries to boost his elo. The only representative of his team (because let’s be honest, VanguardX won’t show up), he holds a great responsibility. No titles so far. With a Damocles’s Sword of ticking timer above his head and impatient breaths of other players, casters, viewers, postman, dropbears and basically everyone behind his back, can he find a calm to claim his first title? (and a bit of vigor to not time out?
  • VanguardX – another member of Shrining and head of the most successful family in Spellweaver, he and his wife manage to climb to top 10 constantly. Sadly, one ticket per household allowed. Holder of „qualified and didn’t show up most of the times” award, as well as two titles, VanguardX usually cannot find a time to participate, unfortunately. I hope we will see him today, or maybe his daughter someday, with such a skilled parents it’s only a matter of time.

Meme Reactor

  • Rinriet – founder of the youngest competitive team, Rinriet is player with the most titles so far, and following his team’s name, he forbids us to even think the word "meta” in his presence. He made winning Masters his second job, and is eager to drain more money out of Dream Reactor. Is his innovative approach going to be enough to win once more, or will his strategy become over-sophisticated and he will overlook an obvious flaw in his lineup? We will find out this evening.
  • Lyrisse – another participant from Meme Reactor, besides his French origins, you can be sure he won’t give up easily. Getting himself a label of "aggro-tard” in a past, he seems to turn on to the light side over last months. Is he going to roll through opponent’s with Napoleon’s fury to claim his first title? Or maybe this day will be his Waterloo?
  • SashaIr – the creator and one-trick-pony of Elrike Passageway deck, with his opus magnum nerfed he needs to find another way to beat his opponents. Can he find a victorious lineup with a help of his teammates? Or is the loss of his beloved child going to break his spirit? Let’s hope he will do his best tonight and claim another title for Meme Reactor.
  • Komsiant – guy behind our team’s paper work and best spreadsheet creator in the community, he seems to devote so many time to his job (and to playing DoTa) that he rarely finds time to prepare his lineup and usually picks something random half an hour before Masters’ start. This strategy granted him one title so far, as well as probably the biggest amplitude of performance of all master players. Is it a day when his sinusoid reaches top, or bottom value?

Old Guard

  •  Cruel_TeK – an ancient Goblin Shaman foretolled once, that Cruel_TeK will win Masters when he gets rid of his anger and salt and live a day without calling anyone "cocksucker”. So far he seems to put more effort in getting himself banned than winning Masters. After over a year of playing exactly same lineup he realized that his strategy kinda doesn’t work, so he started to make changes. Is he going to surprise us with some new idea, or will he stick to the old, tested methods? And most important of all, can he break a curse? Today he seems to be nice, but bring french fries with you in case salt begins to rain.
  • Andreola – He has been on competitive scene for quite a while, and always refused to pick a meta lineup, surprising us with his ideas, but hasn’t claimed a title yet. He seems to make crucial mistakes while under a pressure (I won’t forget about this Vampirism, dude). Maybe a bit of calm and focus is everything he needs to win? He has a skill to do that for sure.


  • Baka9 – with mobile release we got many new people in the game, or the ones that hadn’t take a part in competitive scene before. One of them is Baka9, who despite winning his ticket in MCQ, was still active on ladder (stealing my elo countless times) and finished with great 3th spot. He seems to be devoted to Rage aspect as far as I can tell from our games, laddering with either Wisdom-Rage Control or Ytix Rage Rush. Can he find two other decks that suit him and win the crown?
  • Darth_SHAKER – another new member of Masters’ family, he claimed his spot by impressive ladder grind, which is, in my opinion, harder way for newcomer to achieve that. With such a devotion, he will be a worthy opponent for sure, and I’m waiting to see his lineup idea tonight.
  • Potsan – He qualified through MCQ last Sunday, beating the hardest opponent (yup, that’s me) so he has to be very, VERY good. I’m looking forward to his performance and I cheer for him to kick more asses and restore my pride a bit.
  • Huenpogo – To be honest, I know nothing about him/her, as he/she qualified few weeks ago and hasn’t been seen by me or anyone on my team since then, but he/she had enough skill to qualify and I hope he/she will show up today and score some points, or even claim a title!

What to expect



Like always, this is going to be an awesome tournament. Every player in a pool is capable of winning, so let the best one (and the one with the least DO misses) take main prize. At the end, I’d like to apologize for every mistake I might made, as English is not my native language. See ya all at 7 p.m. CET at www.twitch.tv/spellweaverofficial/ and don’t take anything I wrote here to serious. Cheers!

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