A Great Addition to the Game

Every CCG I'm aware of uses a resource system. Spellweaver chose - early on - to implement a land-based approach. Lands enable multi-color decks and introduce some variability into the game, in a way that class-based resource approaches with constant resource game don't. No one, however, likes to be either mana-flooded or mana-screwed. Spellweaver elegantly solves this challenge with Divine Offering.

Divine Offering is a great mechanic. It doesn't guarantee you a shrine, but it allows you to search for the exact shrine you need. It enables multi-color decks. It also enables some important high-level skills, like tracking cards. Among games with land-based systems, it's the best I've seen.



With the introduction of Valley of the Ancients, Dream Reactor is starting to explore how Divine Offering opens up design space. There's an entire world of cards that can interact with DO. Valley is the first one, and it solves the card loss and mana loss that can come with an early missed DO.

If you want hot-takes on Valley I've only got one: it's a good card. If you want to engage in pages of analysis, go visit the Discord. Maybe we can make a special channel just to gripe about Divine Offering - or better yet, to celebrate the awesome new set we're about to get.