Join a Team - Strategize Together


Being a part of a Spellweaver team is the most important part of the game for me. There are a multitude of reasons why and I will review these in this post.

  1. Friendship
    This is the most wonderful part of being in a Spellweaver team, in my opinion. This may be less of a problem in the current age, but when I was growing up, being a gamer was sort of a fringe of society position. Having people around you, though they may be miles and miles away who are as interested in a common activity is a wonderful thing. I suppose we are still on the outside as card games have not totally mainstream despite the work HS has done for publicity. However; being on a team is not simply about fitting in. These are people who share their worries, their triumphs and just their boring reasons why they can't be online... its truly a family that you become a part of.  The constant jokes, fun and light-heartedness of being part of a gaming team are things I consistently come back to... since high school I've been drawn towards that camaraderie and I'm certainly not looking back now. 
  2. Strategy
    Alright enough of the emotional sh*t. This is the most important reason for joining a team: game play advantage. There are a multitude of different ways that being in a team can help your own game play while also benefiting those around you... a symbiotic relationship. My first example is theory crafting: when new cards are previewed, you have a group of people who enjoy deck building, deck editing, and meta theory at your fingertips. This leads to having an advantage when the cards are actually released. You guys are all ready to rock and roll when the new cards are released and you're running up the leader boards like nobody's business. Another example is found in trying to manipulate the meta by creating counter decks to the most popular decks at the time. When you have a group of people who are constantly challenging what is popular and creating counter-decks... you're going to be in a good place to gain ELO. All-in-all if you're in a competitive team you're going to use all of these skills that you've practiced in pre-release thought and laddering into tournament strategy. Obviously the most important tournament every month is the Masters Tournament. Since you've been on top of the ladder through challenging the meta, either though normal play or though card releases... you're ahead of the game. Your team will help you qualify through ranked play or through tournament qualifiers. Thus, you have information on all the decks that are being played on ladder and all the others being played in tournaments. There are always wildcards... which leads me to my last point. A well-oiled team will keep watch of all decks being played by the top players in ranked, ladder and friendly and will add them to the knowledge bank for strategics. This is one of the best parts of Spellweaver... there are few secrets... how good of a detective are you? Decent. How good is your team at being a detective agency... probably pretty good! 
  3. Content Creation
    Alright, this one is very important to me and my team... we want to share. There is little fun on being on a team who cares so much about something without helping those who were once in your position. I remember entering my first ranked match and getting crushed by One Turn Heal. I immediately went back to friendlies until I got the confidence to make sure these veterans got rekt. I did it and never looked back. I remember beating lorenthiel, cruel_tek, peacekeepr. I felt like I finally had a chance. How did I do this? I looked at content online. There was spellweaversource, youtube, spellweaver forums, spellweaver reddit, spellweaver steam discussions, legends of asperia. Some of these still exist, some do not. When I joined The Shrining I wanted to do my best in making helpful videos for new players because those were so important to me in learning the game and actually being great at it. So, we started a youtube channel, we talked to Ivko (the game developer) about learning more about the game, we made friends with The Fuzz, and Team Hyperion. We made content, we shared what we knew... we wanted the most from this game and it has been wonderful. This eventually put me into the position where I was casting the Masters tournament with The Fuzz, and now we have our own website. Hyperion has their blog, Jotto has his youtube, we have the forums. Share! Share! Share! This is the most human part of our game and everyone on my team is behind it.
  4. Competition
    This is one of my favorite parts of Spellweaver. The competition is FIERCE... everyone wants to win... wants to be the master and have everyone of our team members in the top three of every tournament, ladder, etc. So, we do our best to strategize, plan, win! However, in almost every tournament we end up fighting each other, in the ladder race we try to avoid fighting each other but we end up doing so per chance. As much as all of us want to win... it seems that we all want every team to be represented in the Masters Tournament. As much as cut-throat thoughts fill our minds... we'd rather fight against someone on another team in the biggest competition in world than our own team mates. This is why Spellweaver teams are healthy... we want everyone to win. We cheer when people from other teams win! We literally just love the competition... win or lose... we'll win next time! 
  5. Big Picture
    Being on a team is to be committed to the game as a whole. We all win every time we win. We all win every time someone posts a video.We all win every time someone comes ups with a new deck. We all win when HallYall doesn't time out. We all win and lose together: we all win.
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