Instant Spells and Bluffing

This article will cover every Instant Spell in the game. It is up to you to determine when to bluff your opponent with floated mana. If you play poker, you'll know to be unpredictable... bluff occasionally, win often.



Touch of Light

This card works wonders in Limited formats; though, we do not see it very often it constructed play. The AI will use this, and as Fuzz and I often say... "beware the touch of light".


Guards! Guards!

This card is incredibly popular in Soldiers decks, its not something you have to "play around" all the time, but always recognize that it is the other option for 2 mana floaters. If its not pacify... its Guards! It can kill your creatures, chump block or set up for a nice attack on the opponent's turn. You can do the same with your own Guards!



A beautiful spell. Can be devastating on either end of the field. As my friend Drygord says: "You can't play around Pacify", just attack into it and they will play it.

Shield Bash

This card doesn't see a lot of constructed play, watch out for in in Trials and Drafts.


Word of Grace

You also cannot play around this, try to use spell discard cards if they're silly enough not to play it on their turn.



Another Limited card, not so useful in constructed but can be deadly if you're playing against Shakuhachi.

Word of Knowledge

You know you're playing against Mill or Reanimate, play acordingly.


One of the best float cards in the game... turns a chump blocker into something useful.


Ambush Strike

Great with elves, hermelion green, neeva, beware of floated mana with these decks.


The Test of Time

Artifacts and spells beware, often a tech card depending on the meta.


Tornado Outbreak

Annoying but great depending on the deck.

Word of Vigor

Ah, I love using this in my Nature AI beatdown deck, perhaps someone will come up with another use for this card soon.


Anytime you're playing against Rage you fear this card... use it to your advanvantage even if you haven't drawn it.

Black Market

Fun little card because you can feign fireball and if they don't fall for it... you still get some tempo and card gain. Nice.


Kills most early game aggro cards, just watch out for the priest who keeps you from using it.

Flash of Delirium

Mill decks and reanimator... not much to hide they make their intentions clear. Wonderful with Azerhis.


Midnight Cravings

New take on an old zombies card, useful, the only corruption instant that affects combat directly.

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