Crafting Guide

Update: shrine conversion is now 11:10, not 2:1.


Here are some basic rules about crafting efficiently.


  • Craft cards ONLY WHEN NECESSARY!
  • Don't craft commons! They come in every pack and you will get them very easily.
  • Craft rares that go in multiple decks. Follow this rule: "craft 2 rares, get the rest in packs".
  • Focus on a deck archetype you want to play/ cards that go into multiple decks if you're going to craft.
  • You get uncommons from "uncommon quests" and they will give you ones you don't have.
  • Free rares from "rare quests" will also give you rares you don't have.
  • Don't craft heroes, they come for free every 5 levels in your hero packs.
  • In general the best way to spend gold/crystals is to buy normal packs, then premium packs when you have almost every rare. Don't buy small packs, good./evil packs.
  • Craft foils if you want, wait until you have a full collection and have nothing to do with your shrines.
  • Campaign can be purchased to avoid crafting, when you beat it you get over 100 cards.
  • When cards are made "worse" you can unbind up to 4 copies for their normal crafting cost.
  • Foils are 5 times more expensive.
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