Rare Drafting Connoisseur

As some you may know, I'm not the biggest fan of limited formats... once I received my first #1 spot in drafts and 10 wins Trials I have stopped playing these formats. That is not to scare you off from playing them though. They are gametypes that many people enjoy and there are players who will only play these game types. 

Whether or not you are like me, if your account is new, you will love the "Rare Draft". This is a style of draft play where you take all the cards you want and then decide if you want to play or not. This type of collecting works way better than opening Normal Packs on their own. You can get around 10 rares per draft, maybe an epic or heroic and a bunch of uncommons. 

Now, there are some rares that are more useful in your collection than others... but I would always advocate for picking rares, epics and heroics first. Then you should move onto picking uncommons you don't own and finally go for commons that you either don't own or can be unbound into a color that you need crafting shrines in. 

What I do when I'm trying to build a collection is this: make a spreadsheet or text document of the cards you DON'T OWN. Open it while you are drafting and pick those cards! Easy. Other than that there are my rules in a simple list:

  1. Always pick heroics
  2. Always pick epics
  3. Always pick rares you don't have, with 2 choices, pick the better rare.
  4. Always pick uncommons you don't have
  5. Pick commons you don't have or commons in the color you need.

You will repeat this process three times in each pack opening.

Here is my tier list for rares, pick tier ones over tier twos and then tier threes.


Tier 1: (in no particular order)

Angelic Temple - 4 in Herm Heal; often in Angels

Holy Radiance - 2-4 in Herm Heal; other Order decks can run 1-3 too

Word of Grace - 4 in Herm Heal

Cavalry Field Captain - 4 of in Valor and Soldiers; 2-3 in Herm Heal

Shifting Aurite - 4 of in some Trigon decks

Timea, Magi Wanderer - 3-4 of in many Valor decks

Steel Sentient - 3-4 of in Artifact decks

Jungle Deathtrap - 3-4 of in aggro Nature decks; 2-3 of in Grand Reunion

Silver Fang - 3-4 of in aggro Nature decks

Word Of Fire - 3-4 of in Rage Rush decks; Can be a 1 of in WR Control

Molten Passageway - 4 of in many non-Wisdom Adv Zash decks

Fireblast - 3-4 of in many Adv Zash decks

Flame Serpent - 4 of in Rage Rush

Mescatian Phoenix - 4 of in many Adv Zash decks

Cathedral of the Night - 2 of in most Dominion Control/Midrange decks

Helm of Dominion - 1-2 of in many Dominion Control/Midrange decks

Cataclysm - 4 of in Wisdom/Dominion Control

Bloodwell Matriarch - 1-2 of in many Dominion Control/Midrange decks

Sanctum of the Void - 2-3 of in many 3-level Corruption decks

Duke Hartsford - 2-3 of in Zombies

Word of Pain - 3-4 of in all Mono-Corruption and Wisdom-Corruption decks

Bloodwitch Harpy - 2-3 of in Corruption Control decks

Tombs of the Damned - 3-4 of in Zombies; 2-3 of in Corruption Control decks

Suffocate - 2-3 of in Corruption Control; Can run 1-2 in Zombies

Succubus - 4 of in Corruption Control and Zombies

Dwarven Mortar; 4 of in Polar Bears; Can run 1-2 in Valor and Blue Soldiers; 2-3 in Artifacts


Tier two: (in no particular order):

Siren of the Deep - 2-4 of in Aggro decks starting Dominion

Knight Recruiter - 2-4 of in Red Soldiers; Can be run in Blue Soldiers too

Reincarnation Spirit - 2-3 of in Tropical Mix; Can be run in Grand Reunion and Herm Knights

Spell Warden - 2-4 of in Herm Heal; Can be run in Angels too

Celestial Blossom - Often run in Artifacts as a 2-3 of

Mausoleum of the Damned - 1-2 in some Corruption aggro decks

Renovation Facility - 4 of in most Artifact decks

Catacomb Keeper - 2-3 of in Wisdom-Corruption Reanimation decks

Field Operative - 1-2 of in Ragin' Chickens; 2-3 of in Wisdom Implants

Lamp of Zaffir - 1-2 of in Wisdom/Dominion

Dust Titan - 3-4 of in Grand Reunion; 4 of in Molten Elrike

Call of Jalaya - 1-2 of in many Aggro Nature decks

Nienna Legendary Storyteller - 3/4 of in Elves

Centaur Illusionist - 3-4 of in Rage/Nature Adv Zash; Can be played as a 1-2 of in Polar Bears

Master Hunter - 1-2 of in many Creature decks involving Nature

Ancient Treant: 2-4 of in various Adv Ne'eva decks

Altar of Dragons: 1-2 of in 3-level Rage decks

Assassin's Guild - 1-2 of in aggro decks starting Dominion

Champion of the Revolt - 2-3 of in Burning Rage

Mistress of Shadows - 2-3 of in Rage-Dominion Adv Zash

Flesh Sculptor - 4 of in various Enoch aggro decks

Underworld Scourge - 1-2 of in Demons; can play 1 in Corruption Control

Necromantic Cult - 1-2 of in Corruption Control; Can play 1-2 in Zombies

Felix the Lightsworn - 2-3 of in Herm Knights; Can play 1-2 in Valor

Vampirism - 1-2 of in Wisdom Dominion; Can play 1 in RD Adv Zash


Tier 3: (in no particular order)

Path to Transcendence: 3-4 of in some decks with Molten Passageway or Shooting Sprouts

Insignia of the Sun - 1-2 of in Soldiers or Knights

Guardian of the Faithful - 4 of in Angels

Thaumic Reactor - 3-4 in One-Turn Heal

Enchanted Spring - 1-2 of in Various Nature Midrange decks

Khar Deadly Flame - 1-2 of in some Adv Zash decks

Ogre Captive - 1 of in Burning Rage; Can run 1 in Red Soldiers

Obelisk of Unity - Can run 1 in One-Turn Heal

Unstable Reactor - 4 of in Molten Elrike; Can run 3-4 in Artifacts

Swamp God Emissary - 1-2 in Shamans; Can run 1-2 in Enoch Aggro decks

Inherited Wealth - Can run 1-2 in decks with Slave Gladiator and Raging Minotaur

Militant Citadel - 3-4 of in Herm Knights

Cold Hearted Paladin - 2-3 of in Paladin Nefaros

Sunblessed Emissary - 3-4 of in some Path of Transcendence decks

Companion of the Heavens - 1-3 of in some Valor decks

Spore Shepard - 2-3 of in some Aggro Nature decks

Lifeforce Incarnate - 1-3 of in Polar Bears; 2-4 of in Grand Reunion

Temptress of Deceit - 1-2 of in some Aggro Dominion decks

Deathbound Incarnate - Can be played in Mill decks without Wisdom as a 2-3 of


Tier 4:

Valorsworn Incarnate

Fia Dragon Daughter

Black Market

Vampiric Ashes

Word of Power

Pegasus Regiment

Unbreakable Spirit


Spoils of War


Murderous Chieftan

Goblin Looter

Merchant of Souls

Totem of Rogn'okh


Powerlust Incarnate

Fire God Temple

Grulz the Infiltrator

Flameborn Incarnate

Glydis the Enchanted

Empress of the Forest

Ritual of the Gardens

Fae of Charm

Word of Knowledge

Electrostatic Armor

Electrostatic Storm

Moonlight Monument

Word of Vigor


Ancient Ruins

The Grand Institute

Runelit Incarnate

The Triangelica

Gnome Surgeon

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